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  • What type of products do we buy?
    We buy all unused and originally packed ink and toner cartridges. We buy genuine original OEM branded products only. We don't buy used, opened or generic products. Toner Cartridges - Toner Cassettes - Toner Kits - Print Cartridges - Drums Drum Cartridges - Drum Kits - Imaging Units - Photoconductors - Photoreceptor Inkjets - Ink Cartridges - Ink Kit - Ink Tank - Solid Ink - Developers - Rollers Developer Kits - Developer Sets - Ribbons - Fusers - Fuser Oil - Maintenance Kits Staples - Transfer Belts and Units - Waste Containers - Developer Cartridges
  • What brands are we buying?
    The below brands are all of interest to us. We buy genuine original products from all of these manufacturers. Also check out our brands section from the top menu for brand specific information.
  • How do payments work?
    We can pay you in many different ways. We can pay by PayPal, credit card and wire transfer (larger transactions only). We normally pay within 1-10 business days from when the shipment is received in our warehouse against the purchase order. We prefer credit card or PayPal payment, for wire transfer additional fees will apply.
  • All about preparing shipments.
    All supplies must be packed into a shipping box and or on a pallet, no other way is acceptable! We need to receive these units in good condition, so over-boxing and packaging these units well is very important.
  • All about shipping.
    Depending on our quote, the shipment will either be collected by our logistics partner or shipped to us by you, the customer.
  • Do I need to clean the products?
    Please make sure you do not remove any labels/stickers that might be on the exterior of the packaging. By removing any labels may cause damage and decrease the value of the units. We have to remove all shipping or other labels other than the factory labels upon receiving the units. We prefer to do this ourselves as we are able to do this without damaging the exterior.
  • All about grading and box conditions.
    We rank box condition on a scale from A to C grade, with A being the best. A-box is perfect: no labels/tape, no marker/writing, and no dented corners or tears on the box. These are as if they come straight from the factory! B-box is near perfect: a box which, with a little tender loving care, can be restored by us to A-box quality. Also B box might be in decent shape. Some small tears, perhaps a little bit smashed or some damage from removed labels. All those are acceptable under B-box quality. C-box is heavily damaged: Packaging has severe damage in one or several locations. There might be holes in the box or the box might be squashed. Still, the box is 100% factory sealed and unopened or tampered with.
  • What if you can't find the product code?
    All packaging styles are somewhat different. But all OEM products will have a partnumber printed on the box or blister pack somewhere. Here are some common examples.
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